Eight PNA Pacific Island nations and the associated Tokelau territory announced plans to launch a blockchain initiative covering all its MSC-certified sustainably caught tuna by end of July. The tuna products will be recognizable by the Pacifical logo. This announcement positions the PNA’s market development company Pacifical, The Netherland, as what is said to be a pioneer of the first large scale blockchain initiative within the tuna industry.

Pacifical will launch the platform in cooperation with Atato, a Thailand-based blockchain service provider, and powered by Ethereum’s blockchain smart contracts and IPFS decentralized storage, integrating with Pacifical’s traceability solutions.

The system will cover the entire supply chain and chain of custody of about 35 million tuna fish caught annually in an area with a surface 40% bigger than Europe. More than 200 million consumer units of Pacifical tuna per year in over 23 countries will be traced and verified through the Ethereum blockchain. Environmental groups, retailers, consumers and certifications bodies worldwide will be able to verify live on Ethereum’s public blockchain exactly how their sustainable Pacifical tuna was caught, by which captain, vessel, area and period, as well as where and when it was processed.

This new innovative blockchain integration powered by Atato blockchain services will cover over 100 large fishing vessels. All products carrying the Pacifical and MSC logo will be traced on the blockchain through their unique tracking code. The information will be collected from linking all information sources within the global tuna supply chain from the fishing boat through the production process up to the final point of sale.