Olymel L.P., Canada, acquired Triomphe Foods, a Canada-based agri-food company that produces a wide range of deli meats and specialty hams. The transaction includes Triomphe Foods’ 250 employees, as well as its three production facilities, in Laval, Blainville and Québec City, Canada, and two distribution centers in Blainville and St-Léonard, Canada.

Through this acquisition, Olymel becomes the owner of brands such as Tour Eiffel, Chef Georges and La Belle Bretagne (hams and pâtés), Nostrano (Italian deli meats), Alpina (Eastern European deli meats), Bilopage (cretons and head cheese) and Mother Hen (baby food production, including organic fruit and vegetable purées and meat purées). The production and marketing of all Triomphe Foods products and brands will continue, and the acquired company will maintain autonomous management.

"Olymel is proud to acquire a Quebec company renowned for the quality of its products, and thus broaden our presence in several market segments, including baby food in particular. I would like to extend a warm welcome to all Triomphe Foods employees, who will be adding their expertise to that of Olymel's teams. Through this acquisition and our own brands, Olymel will now have an even wider and more diversified range of value-added products, enabling us to serve a broad customer base, in addition to increasing our production capacities," says Réjean Nadeau, president and CEO of Olymel.

"Triomphe Foods is the result of my family's passion for well-made products and high-quality deli meats. This passion has also led us to bring together fantastic businesses to make a larger and stronger one. Today, we are pleased to see that the great development potential of Triomphe Foods will be in the hands of other Quebec entrepreneurs who have made Olymel a world-class company. Olymel's experience will be valuable, and I am confident that our employees will continue to contribute to the success of their new company, as they have always done for Triomphe Foods. I would like to reiterate my gratitude and confidence in them," says Mélissa Latifi, president and CEO of Triomphe Foods.