Museum of Ice Cream (MOIC), New York, announced plans to launch an ice cream tasting truck that will be making a cross-country road trip.

Taking off in New York City on July 27, MOIC’s Tasting Truck is said to be the first ice cream truck to travel across the country. Making stops in over 20 cities, MOIC’s truck allows Americans to taste and sample up to three ice cream flavors crafted and designed by MOIC’s team. 

After testing over 2,000 iterations, MOIC’s founder, Maryellis Bunn, created and handpicked an ice cream line featuring seven original flavors ranging from a rich vanilla to a creamy cinnamon delight.  

Each week, the Museum of Ice Cream Truck will make stops in front of monuments, iconic city hotspots and local Target stores, to debut its new ice cream line, which is sold exclusively at most Target stores nationwide.