Nursery, a new purpose-built food and beverage incubator by Chew Innovation, Boston, Mass., re-opened the commercial cooking facility and consumer packaged goods incubator space at 630 Flushing Avenue in New York, formerly known as Pilotworks Brooklyn.

All 190-plus former tenants, who were forced to leave the facility when Pilotworks Brooklyn abruptly ceased operations in October, were invited to return to their former workspaces.

Nursery prioritized the immediate restoration of kitchen operations, and plans to re-open kitchens later this week.

The Nursery team has created over 1,400 products in 25 different categories, generating billions of dollars in revenue for its clients and partners over the last five years.

“We feel so honored to open our doors to this wonderful and inspiring community of makers who are not only disrupting the food and beverage industry, but also helping to create the future of how and what we consume,” says Adam Melonas, founder and CEO of Nursery and Chew. “Our priority is to ensure everyone feels the same excitement we feel in getting Nursery rebuilt the right way, in a sustainable and successful manner. We understand the abrupt closing of the facility by the previous owners has caused real hardship and pain for many, and we have been inspired by the community’s support of those impacted, as well as the resilience of everyone affected. We are dedicated to working closely to rebuild our tenants’ trust and good faith, and we are thrilled to begin building a new vibrant and dynamic community together. We are not here to simply become another de-facto landlord, or even worse, become another ‘WeWork of Something.’ We are here to add exponential value to this community and ensure we are working with wildly passionate entrepreneurs and turning them into viable and impactful companies.”

In its 30,000 square feet of commercial work space, Nursery will provide tenants with access to a wide array of technology, including commercial freeze drying, spray drying, dehydration, extrusion, confectionary production, baking technology and more.

Nursery, along with its team of experienced chefs and food scientists, will work to ensure all products are not only natural, but also as nutrient dense as possible, while remaining sustainable.