Globant, San Francisco, released its 2018 Q4 Sentinel Report to help organizations maintain relevance through the observation of market trends, insights and industry behaviors across the globe. This quarter's report focuses on the need for a strong company culture, as organizations work to encourage collaboration across teams and deliver customer and data-centric solutions that drive innovation.

While organizations are prioritizing tech investments to improve operations, many are still overlooking how valuable a strong, agile company culture is to any technology's success. Having people within an organization who are well-aligned with company values and are able to spearhead new projects and adapt to changing dynamics are invaluable to an organization's performance. The 2018 Q4 Sentinel Report outlines the behaviors that organizations should adopt in order to evolve their corporate cultures, build motivated teams across the company, and ultimately, improve processes and grow businesses.

"Our Sentinel Report is a tool that organizations can use to stay relevant, take their companies to the next level and develop the values necessary for digital and cognitive transformation," says Martín Migoya, co-founder and CEO. "Through these reports, our hope is that we can provide a roadmap that organizations can use internally to expand their understanding of digital journeys and spark conversations about innovation."

"Wherever organizations lie on the spectrum of digital transformation, it's crucial that company culture is a top priority," says Guibert Englebienne, co-founder and CTO. "If organizations hope to maintain relevance in today's competitive landscape, they must invoke a culture of curiosity, experimentation and agility in order to stay at the fore of the conversation and changing business expectations. We're incredibly excited to help organizations execute on this as they stay relevant across industries."