Yofix Probiotics Ltd., Israel, launched its first dairy-free, soy-free yogurt alternative line with three fruit flavors. The products are based on a unique, clean label formula made from just a few natural ingredients. Plus, it’s environmentally friendly and vegan, and leaves a low carbon footprint.

Also, the production process is carefully designed to ensure zero waste. All raw materials utilized in production remain in the final product.

"I did not want to compromise on taste or nutrition in the product, nor compromise on the natural aspect" says Ronan Lavee, founder and CEO. "The ingredients used in our products are simply grains, seeds, fruit and live cultures."

Plus, Yofix's "Bio 5 formula"—no added sugars, preservatives or colors, but boasts texture and flavor— contains all these nutrients naturally, without need for fortification.

"Yofix will be launched globally," says Steve Grun, chief executive officer. "And, we will be developing new plant-based dairy substitutes for milk, yogurt drinks, cream cheese, coffee creamers and even ice cream. Our proprietary manufacturing technology and formulations are highly flexible and require minimum investment for versatility."