Marin French Cheese, Petaluma, Calif., developed Petite Mustard, a triple-cream brie with bold, nutty aromatic characteristics of black and brown mustard seeds.

This Petite Mustard brie is made with fresh cow’s milk and cream delivered daily from neighboring Marin County dairies within a 20-mile radius of the factory. The soft-ripened cheese’s smooth texture and creamy taste counterbalance the crunch of the whole mustard seeds on the inside, and the added kick of flavor is thanks to crushed mustard seeds on the exterior of the bloomy wheel.

“Our Petite Mustard brie brings together a favorite flavor pairing in France, cheese and mustard, to be enjoyed in just one bite,” says Manon Servouse, brand manager. “While we aspire to please as many palates as possible with our Petite Collection of brie-style cheeses, we remain true to our mission of offering only the highest quality of unique cheeses. With flecks of mustard seeds on the interior and exterior of the cheese, Petite Mustard will not only stand out on a cheese board, but will [also] add a new twist to melted brie sandwiches.”