Coconut Bliss, Eugene, Ore., announced a company-wide rebrand, its first in 10 years.

The new branding includes artfully designed packaging, with illustrations of each flavor’s tasting notes that showcase the ingredients found in each flavor.

“Since 2005, Coconut Bliss has been committed to using certified-organic and ethically-sourced ingredients of the highest quality,” says Kim Gibson Clark, president and CEO. “For our first brand refresh, the goal was to push ourselves to create a cohesive new design reflecting the passion, purpose and taste of Coconut Bliss that has delighted our dedicated fans for years. I am happy to say that we have accomplished our goal.”

The eco-friendly pint packaging from Evergreen Packaging, Memphis, Tenn., showcases Coconut Bliss’ commitment to sustainability. In fact, Coconut Bliss is said to be the first company to use plant-based bio resin polyethylene pint cup packaging, made from the husks of sugar cane, as an environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional petroleum-based polyethylene resin materials. The packaging is also made from 97% bio-based resources.

“As a USDA Certified Organic and Non-GMO Project Verified company, Coconut Bliss is always looking for ways to limit its environmental footprint,” says Clark. “That’s why, in conjunction with our ambitious rebrand, we are so excited to introduce this cutting-edge packaging that performs like traditional ice cream packaging, without the same environmental concerns. Plus, we love the fact that our plant-based ice cream is now served in plant-based packaging.”  

"We commend Coconut Bliss on their decision to move to this packaging, extending their commitment to using responsibly sourced and ethically-produced ingredients to their packaging as well as their products," says Chris Johns, vice president of paperboard sales and marketing for Evergreen Packaging. "We know that the use of renewable materials is a value that is central to many of our customers' brands, and we believe this is the first of many companies who will extend that value by purchasing paperboard such as Sentinel for packaging that is fully renewable and responsibly sourced. We are happy to have the opportunity to work with our customer, Stanpac, and Coconut Bliss on this important launch."