Halo Top Creamery, Canada, debuted what is said to be the first ever Halo Top Drive-Thru pop-up locations in Toronto and Vancouver, Canada, on May 17.

Halo Top will make 10,000 pints available in a variety of dairy and non-dairy flavors.

"The long weekend should be fun from the moment you leave work," says Doug Bouton, president and COO. "Everyone knows traffic can ruin the start of your long weekend, so we want to give our Canadian fans a free pint to help kick it off the right way."

Drive-thru details:

  • Halo Top will be giving away pints for free.
  • Log onto Waze and keep an eye out for two Halo Top pins highlighting the drive-thru locations to make a quick pint pit stop.
  • The two drive-thrus will sample a variety of SKUs, including Birthday Cake, Candy Bar, Mint Chip, Oatmeal Cookie, Peanut Butter Swirl and Sea Salt Caramel.
  • There will also be two vegan-friendly varieties available—Non-Dairy Birthday Cake and Non-Dairy Toasted Coconut.
  • Cyclists and pedestrians are also welcome.
  • Each individual who comes to the drive-thru will receive their own pint.