Halo Top has two new flavors of both Keto Pops and Keto Series Pints: decadent Turtle Cheesecake and indulgent Mint Chocolate Cookie. 

Whether you want a pop for on the go or to relax with a full pint, both pops and pints are made with creamy, ultra-filtered skim milk, which delivers fewer calories than regular milk and a good source of protein. 

Halo Top Keto Pops and Pints come in two new flavors:  

  • Turtle Cheesecake: Turtle Cheesecake Pops and Pints are full of delicious cheesecake frozen dessert with caramel swirls, chocolate swirls, and pecan pieces. 
    • PINTS: Calories/pint container: 550, Protein/container: 19g, Net carbs/pint: 6g.
    • POPS: Calories/pop 160, Protein/pop: 3g, Net Carbs/pop: 2g 
  • Mint Chocolate Cookie: Our Mint Chocolate Cookie Pops and Pints are full of delicious mint frozen dessert chocolate cookie crumbles for a decadent dessert experience in frozen form. 
    • PINTS: Calories/container: 550, Protein/container: 18g, Net carbs/pint: 10g. 
    • POPS: Calories/pop: 170, Protein/pop: 3g, Net carbs/pop: 2g 

Halo Top’s Keto Series now includes a total of 10 pints and six pops available in the frozen aisle of grocery stores nationwide with an SRP of $5.49 for pints and $4.99 for pops.