An open-ended survey of 5,000 Americans revealed that broccoli remains America's favorite vegetable for the second year in a row.

Additional findings from the study, conducted by Green Giant, Parsippany, N.Y., include:

  • Broccoli reigns supreme. For the second year in a row, broccoli holds the No. 1 spot as America's favorite vegetable with 39 states choosing it as the favorite.
  • New veggies on the block. Cauliflower (Montana) and asparagus (Alaska) appeared on the map this year as state favorites for the first time.
  • Not-so-hot potatoes. Only one state voted the potato as its favorite vegetable in 2019 (Arkansas), compared to five states that chose it in 2018.
  • So long, cucumber. Cucumber is absent from the list this year. Last year it was the state favorite of New Mexico and Louisiana.

Green Giant surveyed 5,000 American consumers ages 13-73 from April 26 to May 10 through a poll generated by Suzy, New York.