Avery Dennison, Glendale, Calif., introduced Freshmarx technology, which harnesses the power of accurate, shared data to enable labor efficiency, food safety, sustainability and enhanced consumer experience. 

The Freshmarx suite of software and hardware solutions is built on scalable technology that connects front-of-the-house and back-of-the-house operations.

Offering a new level of scalability, the new Freshmarx Central hardware functions as a gateway to all of the suite’s capabilities to enhance the ability to use data to automate processes. Freshmarx Central gathers and logs critical data in industry standard format that can be shared by all partners throughout the supply chain.  

The connected kitchen:

  • Freshmarx Prep is a proprietary intuitive foodservice software application designed for food labeling, date coding, nutritional calculations, employee training and food donation and waste tracking. Informed by Freshmarx Edit, ingredients, menus and recipes are all brand-customized and configurable, so updates are centralized and easily and securely pushed across restaurant locations and accessible from Freshmarx 9417+, Freshmarx Tablet and new Freshmarx Central Systems.
  • Freshmarx Tablet System solves kitchen challenges related to food labeling, employee training, mobile printing and space constraints. It also combines the Avery Dennison 9485 portable printer with the Freshmarx Prep software application on an iPad.
  • Freshmarx Temp Tracker is a cloud-based application to automate cold storage temperature and humidity monitoring. With readings taken and recorded automatically via Freshmarx Sensors inside the devices, temperature data is transmitted between the cloud and data and accessible from Freshmarx Central, the 9417+ or via Apple, Android and Windows smart devices and Windows PCs. Text and email alerts are pushed when temperatures are out of range, enabling automatic and on-demand reporting for quick response.
  • Freshmarx Task Tracker is a cloud-based, customizable digital checklist application for non-food task execution and food temperature monitoring. This application eliminates paper logs, simplifies kitchen processes and ensures that food is safe for consumption. All checklist data is stored digitally and available for analysis to ensure completion and compliance.
  • Freshmarx Donation and Freshmarx Waste Tracker helps food establishments determine exactly how much food inventory is being lost by analyzing inventory data and ordering processes. This application allows for easy tracking using a weigh scale, along with labeling and logging to measure and analyze food waste to reduce inventory costs and minimize waste.

The connected supply chain:

  • Avery Dennison RFID Solutions are said to increase inventory accuracy to about 99% and reduce waste by around 20%. 
  • Freshmarx Supplies Solutions support accurate food labeling. Its range of stock and custom innovative freshness, nutritional, ingredient, promotional, dissolvable, durable and high-heat food labeling solutions improve food safety, efficiency and transparency throughout the global food supply chain.

The connected consumer:

  • Freshmarx Delivery enables brand-specific labeling, complete with details such as date, time, order and order-personalization, along with nutritional, pricing and promotional content such as coupons. In addition to ensuring order accuracy, it’s tamper-evident to ensure food safety.
  • Freshmarx Nutrition offers an “all-in-one” food and nutrition solution to replace hand-calculating and labeling ingredient and nutritional information for grab-and-go foods.  Supported through a partnership with ESHA, Salem, Ore., for its Genesis R&D Food Formulation Software, Freshmarx Nutrition calculates nutrition information for ingredients, recipes and menu items and imports the data straight to Freshmarx Central, Freshmarx Tablet or Freshmarx 9417+ for easy labeling.

Avery Dennison Corp.