The Pastomaster HE pasteurizer from Carpigiani Corp. of America, Winston-Salem, N.C., received 3-A certification and UL and NSF approvals, allowing U.S. frozen dessert makers to use the most advanced Carpigiani technology designed for artisan frozen dessert production.

The Pastomaster HE gives frozen dessert makers the freedom to control quality during the entire frozen dessert production process, chefs can create mixtures and bases from a variety of ingredients and ice cream makers can create ice cream, custard and gelato bases as well as sorbet and premium Italian ice mixtures.

The Pastomaster 60 HE has a maximum tank capacity of 60 liters (62 quarts), and the Pastomaster 120 HE can hold up to 120 liters (127 quarts).

Plus, Pastomaster HE features the new adaptive technology to manage all kinds of mixes. Adaptive technology pasteurizers are equipped with an exchange pump cup, a patented technology that allows superior micronization of the mixture with a reduction of the fat globules. The 1-piece pump facilities easy cleaning.

Carpigiani Corp. of America