Elmhurst 1925, Elma, N.Y., expanded of its Hemp Creamer line to include new French Vanilla, Hazelnut and Golden Milk varieties.

“Given the outpour of positive response to our Original Unsweetened Hemp Creamer, we’ve expanded the line with approachable and trending options that offer a rich experience in creaminess and taste,” says Peter Truby, vice president of marketing. “Created simply with just five ingredients, including real hemp cream, these new flavors offer a heightened taste experience while delivering the same benefits of the Original Unsweetened Hemp Creamer.”

The new Hemp Creamer flavors are crafted with just five simple ingredients, including real hemp cream, but without added gums, emulsifiers, carrageenan or oils. The three new flavors also contain 350 mg of omega-3 ALA per serving and only 1 gram of sugar.

Like all Elmhurst products, Hemp Creamers are crafted through a unique HydroRelease method. Using just water, this process separates the components of a nut, grain or seed before reassembling them as a creamy, beverage-ready emulsion, maintaining the full nutrition of the source ingredient without added gums or emulsifiers.

These Hemp Creamers are sold in natural and traditional grocers, including Whole Foods Market, Wegmans, Bristol Farms, Gelson’s, Publix, Fairway Market, Shaws and more, nationwide for a suggested retail price of $6.99 for a 16-oounce carton.