Beetnik Foods, Austin, Texas, launched a new packaging design aiming to showcase the product in a more eye-catching format and more accurately convey its benefits to health-conscious consumers. Beetnik’s meals will retain the same clean ingredients, including certified USDA-organic and gluten-free claims.  

With the new package, Beetnik intends to improve on-shelf presence and enhance overall appetite appeal while leveraging the USDA Organic label in a more prominent space. The packaging emphasizes the flavor profile of the meals with an open color pallet to provide differentiation on the shelf. Beetnik continues its commitment to sustainability with the introduction of a new fully recyclable paperboard tray. The sleeve will continue to be designed using less material than conventional frozen food packaging.

“Our new packaging has been a work in progress for our team for quite a while,” says David Perkins, founder and CEO. “We wanted to share the authenticity of our products in an appetizing, sustainable and eye-catching way and we’re eager to see our new packaging on shelf.”