HerdX, Boerne, Texas, partnered with the United Parcel Service (UPS), Atlanta, to introduce a groundbreaking delivery method pertaining to the advancement of traceability and quality assurance for the entire food industry worldwide.

HerdX is a third-party provider with a unique open source platform that works with every participant along the intricate supply chain in order to supply provenance data to the end consumer. By creating a blockchain partner network, HerdX can prove that the origins and journey of beef and lamb meat products are authentic and of higher quality.

UPS created a custom integrated visibility tool that plugs into HerdX’s blockchain technology and provides live updates and authenticated data points throughout the shipment journey. This advanced packaging technology contains sensors that monitor and record temperature throughout the shipment from origin to destination. The data provides quality assurance that the meat never went above the required temperature.

“We’re committed to upholding HerdX’s industry-leading quality assurance and traceability standards for all customers eyeing international growth moving forward,” says Romaine Seguin, president of global freight forwarding, UPS.

“UPS logistics and freight services more than 220 countries and territories worldwide, making it a perfect fit for HerdX,” adds Ron Hicks, HerdX founder and CEO. “Our official international logistics partnership gives HerdX unprecedented scaling power, which in turn provides incredible expansion opportunities for American cattle producers. At the same time, we are thrilled to receive the support from the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo, following the U.S. and Japan trade deal that was recently signed in New York in September of this year, expanding both United States and Japan market access to more farm, industrial and digital products. The timing couldn’t be more perfect to work together with both UPS and Japan companies to grow bilateral trade opportunities.”