Jafflz, Park City, Utah, introduced new product packaging and recipes for 2020.

“Our soft launch phase taught us that we are perfectly positioned to disrupt the single-serve burrito set,” says chef Meryl van der Merwe, founder. “The new Jafflz single-serve packaging is made possible thanks to our significant investment in a horizontal flow wrapper to make production more efficient. The expectation is that consumers will now be more inclined to try Jafflz with a smaller investment on their part.”

Featuring all-natural ingredients, the single-serve toasted pockets now also come in a Cheese Pizza variety.

“Ideal for those resolving to enter the New Year by eating healthier without sacrificing flavor, Jafflz features some of the cleanest ingredients found in the natural foods section,” says van der Merwe. “The new store placement is significant, as Jafflz will be more easily discovered by those looking for less processed meals that are convenient with fillings the whole family can enjoy.”

Jafflz products are lower in sodium, high in protein and include little to no added sugar.

Jafflz is sold in the natural foods sections of grocery stores in Arizona, Southern California, Texas, Utah, and the Midwest.