Sweet Earth Foods, an award-winning and rapidly growing plant-based food innovator, today announced the national launch of their newest plant-based product: POGOs (Power-On-the-GO snacks). Powered with the functional benefits of prebiotics, probiotics and fiber, the convenient ‘thaw and eat’ or ‘heat and eat’ wraps will debut in grocery stores nationwide this month, with distribution increasing in following weeks. This evolution of modern snacking supports the Sweet Earth brand’s mission of increasing access to flavor-forward and nutrient-dense plant-based foods.

Sweet Earth POGOs satisfy consumer demand for convenient food with nutritious, delicious and wholesome ingredients – perfect for on-the-go snacking any time of day. The non GMO POGOs are packed with functional benefits of prebiotics, probiotics (1 billion CFUs) and fiber (5 grams).

"Sweet Earth POGOs are an entirely different and delicious snacking category – not to be equated to frozen pastries of the past,” said Kelly Swette, CEO of Sweet Earth Foods. "We're excited for people to experience this new, convenient and energizing snack, which supports today’s modern, active lifestyle."

POGOs contain vibrant colors derived from colorful vegetables, fruits and spices. The line includes six flavors:
Blackberry: With chia seeds, sweet potato and annatto
Chocolate: With sun butter, banana, whole wheat, sunflower and flax seeds
Chai: With sun nut butter, cocoa, chai, whole wheat and toasted pumpkin seeds
Dulce: With banana, dulce de leche, cocoa, whole wheat and puffed quinoa
Figgy: With fig, tart cherry, beets, oats and chia seeds
Lemon Poppy: With blueberries, lemon poppy, poppy seeds and chia seeds

On the heels of the Awesome Burger and Mindful Chik’n launches, Sweet Earth also plans to launch a range of plant-based deli meats, which will be available in the U.S. both in retail (pre-packaged) cases and from the deli counter.

Sweet Earth POGOs will be available at retailers across the U.S. starting this month for a suggested retail price of $2.29.

About Sweet Earth Foods: Based in Moss Landing, California, Sweet Earth Foods is an award-winning and fast-growing vegetarian food innovator that brings consumers flavor-forward, nutrient-dense, sustainably-minded products. As a leader in the Modern Food Movement, their on-trend products feature global flavors and plant-based proteins like seitan (wheat-based), tofu and legumes like lentils, chickpeas and beans, and span three core platforms: entrees, breakfast and plant-based proteins, called Righteous Meats. Founded by husband and wife Brian and Kelly Swette, the company has won over health-conscious consumers with delicious, nutritious new takes on timelessly appealing foods.