With the implementation of a modern, cloud-based ERP software solution, Crescent Cold Storage has been able to enhance their accuracy and increase the overall efficiency of warehouse activities.

The ability to track inbound, outbound and all other warehouse-related activities with accuracy is a primary goal for Crescent Cold Storage. To be able to locate inventory and manage customer orders with precision was what prompted Crescent Cold Storage to seek out a better software solution. After extensive research it was clear that a customizable cloud-based ERP system was needed.

With Inspired Technology Systems’ storage management ERP system, Crescent Cold Storage has been able to stay on top of their daily inbound putaways, inventory movements, and outbound customer orders with speed and accuracy.  

The Crescent Cold Storage warehouse was fully barcoded to ensure proper implementation of the software. Now, all inventory movement is tracked by simple scans of barcodes. In addition, the use of scan gun mobile technology seamlessly integrated with their ERP has allowed for billing without missing any inventory movement, and increased efficiency for time-consuming tasks such as taking catch weights. With ERP, taking catch weights of every box with a full load of product decreased from over 90 minutes, to just under 15 minutes.

“Simplicity was our goal. We know there isn’t a system that can cover for all human errors, but we needed something that would make it easier to avoid them,” says Michael Cornelia, owner, Cold Crescent Storage. “We ultimately chose our existing solution from Inspired Technology Systems because they could quickly customize the processes to make it simple. Now we’re at a place where our pickers and warehouse workers simply follow prompts from the system to quickly and accurately pick products.”

According to Cornelia, investing in their IT Infrastructure was a key component to filling their Cold Storage facility to capacity and becoming profitable within the first few months of opening. Giving their customers real-time insight into their inventory levels with the Inspired Portal was an important feature. Crescent Cold Storage now offers every customer access to a portal of their inventory. 

“Receiving our customers' inventory into our system is a guided process. As long as our workers tell the system everything they do, the inventory is 100% accurate. And if the inventory is accurate, it makes the job nearly automated,” says Cornelia. “Knowing exactly what it takes to get the job done allows us to price competitively. Having systems in place to make it predictable, measurable, and most importantly simple is what makes it possible. I would never give our customers direct access into their own inventory, in real time, without full confidence that it is accurate. And we do just that.”

Cornelia also notes that changing from a manual process to a fully automated one requires careful planning. Making it clear to your staff that they’re here to stay, but also making it clear that the new software is here to stay as well is a crucial element.

As a result of the success attained thus far with their cold storage business and ERP software, Crescent is working with Inspired Technology Systems again to implement the Inspired Portal’s Food Distribution Package, and their Food Manufacturing Package into their other businesses, including all of the Crescent Food Group enterprises.