MyWebGrocer (MWG), Winooski, Vt., partnered with Content Analytics, San Francisco, to provide a one-stop location to update and propagate product information across MWG’s retailer e-commerce properties.

Content Analytics’ platform allows brands to manage and update products via an intuitive web portal, including a key feedback loop function called Compare with Live. This feature instantly shows products on varied e-commerce sites that don’t line up with current product information and allows brands to update and push changes across the web with a single click.

With the Content Analytics’ platform, brands are empowered to quickly change and update key consumer purchase consideration features, such as nutritional information and product size labeling.

“We’re thrilled to partner with MWG and offer our customers seamless distribution of their product content to MWG’s broad network of retailers,” says Dave Feinleib, chief executive officer of Content Analytics. “This new partnership provides brands the ability to connect with more of their online consumers.”

“This partnership progresses our capabilities another step forward in providing accurate, timely product content updates for our brand customers. Optimized product content creates a better consumer experience and increased shopper loyalty and sales for our retailer customers,” says Greg Stevens, president, advertising and media for MWG. “We’re excited to work with Content Analytics to bring new value and innovation to our collective customer base.”