Unlike many other vegan options, AYO Almondmilk Yogurt not only boasts what it doesn’t have, like dairy, cholesterol or anything artificial, it is filled with heart healthy nutrition. AYO is high in fiber and low in saturated fat. Each creamy, probiotic-rich cup features less added sugar than most dairy or plant-based yogurts and only 150-160 calories.

Dairy-free yogurts have tried for years to get the taste and texture right. AYO Almondmilk Yogurt finally did it. Shoppers are finding AYO to be a pleasant departure from the thick, gummy taste of many plant-based alternatives. With the first spoonful, you will experience a light creamy, smooth texture and a rich flavor that is fruit forward, finishing with a pleasant toasted almond taste.  The Strawberry and Blueberry flavors allow the real taste of fresh berries to shine through, while the Peach provides a refreshing complexity of flavor notes. Because AYO is not as thick as Greek yogurts, it pairs well with granola and other breakfast cereals. It is also delicious as a fruit dip, between-meal snack or dessert topping. 

Overseeing the entire process from start to finish, Matt Billings and his family of farmers, which goes back four generations, make AYO Almondmilk Yogurt to the highest standards of flavor and sustainability. Considering the land and its natural fauna as partners in their labors, they follow the rhythms of the changing seasons, tending and harvesting every hearty nut at just the right time. The result is a deliciously rich and creamy dairy-free yogurt made from simple, quality ingredients with 20 organic almonds in every cup.

Try AYO Almondmilk Yogurt - enlivened with organic strawberries, organic blueberries, organic peaches and organic Madagascar Vanilla. Discover a smooth, clean flavor and likely the only almondmilk yogurt to take this noble nut from farm to spoon. Visit ayoyogurt.com to learn more. 

About AYO Almondmilk Yogurt

“From farm to spoon, from us to you,” AYO Almondmilk Yogurt is the only non-dairy yogurt crafted using organic almonds produced by fourth-generation farmers in California’s San Joaquin Valley. Run for more than 100 years by the Billings family, Billings Ranches is committed to forward-thinking practices of sustainability, traceability, and vertical integration, which nourish the land they are proud to call home. In new AYO Almond Yogurt, lightly toasted almond flavor is enriched with live active cultures and clean ingredients to produce a probiotic-rich, vegan treat the whole family will love.