Bowery Farming (Bowery) announced a physical and digital brand evolution that includes a new logo, website design, and product packaging.

Bowery’s bold new packaging is shipping to retailers this month and boasts the first design of its kind in the produce aisle. The packaging is designed to stand out on shelves with clean lines, familiar colors, and clear callouts that visually inform the customer about the taste and type of produce. Additionally, the location of the local Bowery farm each product was grown and harvested at is clearly printed on each package.

“We are igniting the consumer’s sensory journey, right in the middle of the produce aisle, by creating a visual experience as vibrant and fresh as our products,” said Katie Seawell, Chief Marketing Officer at Bowery Farming. “Bowery’s evolved brand will help the consumer quickly identify our produce, visualize the taste attributes of each product, and better understand where it comes from. This strategy aligns with our commitment to growing flavorful food with a purpose and adds a level of transparency to the supply chain. Customers can trust when they see the Bowery label, they are purchasing high-quality, fresh produce, and will now see firsthand the positive social impact of our smart farming.”

An updated logo and website round out the evolution and offer cleaner, more straightforward communication supporting Bowery’s social impact story. The new website’s design appeals to creative and culinary audiences. It boasts a curated recipe section, along with the narrative about Bowery’s vision, including its mission, impact, and local community partnerships. Updated technical features, such as an enhanced store finder, help create a simplified shopping experience for consumers looking to purchase Bowery produce. 

In a world of growing population, rising temperatures, and finite resources, Bowery’s indoor farms are growing for a future where food safety comes first, and planet health and increasing access to fresh food are key priorities. The brand’s recent physical and digital evolution is yet another way Bowery is reimagining ways to modernize the produce category.

About Bowery Farming

Bowery Farming, the modern farming company, was founded in 2015 with the belief that technology and human ingenuity can grow better food for a better future. By building smart indoor farms close to cities, Bowery creates the optimal conditions to cultivate wildly flavorful, incredibly sustainable, and naturally protected produce that’s available on shelf just a few days after harvest.

Its proprietary software system, BoweryOS, uses vision systems, automation technology, and machine learning to monitor plants and all the variables that drive their growth 24/7. Because Bowery controls the entire process from seed to store, farms grow produce year-round, ensuring a safer supply of food that’s reliable and consistent. 

The farms are 100+ times more productive on the same footprint of land than traditional agriculture and grow traceable pesticide-free produce -- the purest, best expression of what produce is meant to be. 

Bowery currently has farms in Kearny, New Jersey and White Marsh, Maryland, serving more than 445 stores in the Tri-State area and Mid-Atlantic regions, including Whole Foods Market, Giant Food, Stop & Shop, Walmart and specialty grocers, along with online partners like Amazon Fresh, Hungryroot, Peapod and restaurants.

Based in New York City, the company has raised over $172.5 million from leading investors, including Temasek, GV (formerly Google Ventures), General Catalyst, GGV Capital, First Round Capital, and Henry Kravis, as well as some of the foremost thought leaders in food, including Tom Colicchio, José Andres and David Barber of Blue Hill.