As coffee lovers look for new ways to get the most out of their morning cup, natural bliss is introducing two plant-based creamers with functional benefits: Vanilla Flavored Creamer with Prebiotic Fiber, and Sweet Almond Flavored Creamer with Protein & MCT Oil.  

Each made with a simple blend of oat and almond milk – plus ingredients like inulin, pea protein and MCT oil – these creamers will make prioritizing your health easier than ever this new year.  

The brand is also bringing new Almond Sweet Crème and Brown Sugar Oat Milk to the creamer aisle, so the plant-based options will be endless come January 2021.  

Product Details: 

  • NEW natural bliss Plant-Based Vanilla Flavored Creamer with Prebiotic Fiber* (28 fl. oz.; MSRP $5.49) – Thoughtfully crafted to help your cup work harder every day. Made with Madagascar vanilla flavor and a rich, smooth blend of oat and almond milk, this creamer contains 3g of fiber per 4 tbsp serving.  

You’ve heard of probiotics – the good bacteria in your gut. Prebiotics are fibers that feed the probiotics, keeping your gut happy and healthy. This creamer’s prebiotic fiber comes from inulin, a vegetable fiber extracted from the chicory root.  

  • NEW natural bliss Plant-Based Sweet Almond Flavored Creamer with Protein & MCT Oil* (28 fl. oz.; MSRP $5.49) – Provides 5g of plant-based protein per 4 tbsp serving. Sweet almond flavor is combined with a blend of oat and almond milk to help fuel you for the day ahead in an easy, delicious way. 

*You know protein – it’s the macronutrient that helps build muscles, tissue and more. This creamer’s plant-based protein comes from peas and oats. MCTs are a type of fat found in foods like coconut oil, which are easily digested by your body to use as fuel.   

  • NEW natural bliss Brown Sugar Oat Milk Creamer (32 fl. oz., MSRP $5.49) – natural bliss Brown Sugar Oat Milk is made with pure, simple ingredients to bring the taste of brown sugar oatmeal to your morning coffee cup. With notes of sweet brown sugar, natural oat and a hint of maple, this flavorful non-dairy option is sure to start your day off right. 
  • NEW natural bliss Almond Sweet Crème Creamer (32 fl. oz., MSRP $5.49) – Crafted with only the essentials, natural bliss Almond Sweet Crème will help revitalize you for what’s next. Made with deliciously sweet notes that complement its almond undertones, this plant-based creamer adds a rich, smooth taste to every sip.