Trends, trends, trends, everybody wants to learn more about trends. From plant-based foods to cannabis to transparency to eco-conscious packaging, the trends of 2019 pave the way for continued innovation in the cold food and beverage space.

For instance, specialty frozen aisles will now include plant-based frozen desserts and ice creams with savory swirls of artisanal cheese, icy indulgences and boozier infusions, according to a Top 10 food trends list released by Whole Foods Market, Austin, Texas.

The report also says plant-based foods will continue to surprise and inspire, and hemp-derived products are going mainstream.

Meanwhile, the number of brands making the switch to packaging with the environment in mind continues to grow at a quickening pace, the report outlines. Some companies are making commitments to ban straws, while more produce departments are going “BYOVB” (bring your own vegetable bag).

The Specialty Food Association’s Trendspotter Panel, New York, revealed food and beverage manufacturers are creating new product categories and disrupting old ones with plant-based options. Sustainable packaging will also grow, especially with plant-based varieties. The industry should expect to see packaging made of upcycled ingredients or scraps.

Likewise, bio-based packaging materials are set to be a key component to the next generation of responsible packaging, according to a trends report released by Mintel, Chicago. Expect the industry to incentivize consumers to recycle packaging and offer upcycled goods, while improving air pollution, supporting plant welfare, restoring soil health and embracing regenerative agriculture.