Zouz has launched a new line of ready-made, plant-based frozen foods featuring Beyond Meat. Zouz reimagines traditionally meat-based international dishes with flavorful plant-based versions. Zouz has formulated an exciting menu of Latin, Middle Eastern, Asian, and Italian-influenced plant-based frozen foods. 

“Our product roadmap celebrates our country’s diversity through food with international meals and snacks to be enjoyed at home,” says Founder Tarik Batal. “On our journey, we have focused on premium quality, innovation and sustainability. This led us to partner with Beyond Meat, an industry pioneer in plant-based meat whose delicious, nutritious protein products are made without GMOs or bioengineered ingredients. Together, we are making plant-based living deliciously convenient for our customers and their families.” 

Tim Smith, Beyond Meat's VP of North American foodservice sales, adds, “We’re thrilled that Zouz chose Beyond Meat for their new line of ready-made plant-based foods and are proud to be their partner as they share our mission of creating delicious food that’s better for people and the planet.”

Zouz was inspired by foods that people already love and hold dear -- their own cultural cuisines. Batal’s jumping off point was popular Asian-inspired dishes. The Zouz culinary team began crafting plant-based Potstickers, savory Mochi Balls and crispy Spring Rolls that mimic the tastes that have been handed down through generations without the use of animal protein.

Zouz is immensely proud to work with its New York-based partner Water Lilies; as their team’s experience in crafting authentic Asian foods goes back generations.

When cooking at home is a challenge because of busy schedules, having a collection of sustainable food options in the freezer can be a huge time saver that provides extra time for family and friends. The Spring Rolls are packed full of flavor, boasting a medley of fresh vegetables and Beyond Beef, Beyond Meat’s 100% plant-based ground beef.

Zouz’s Spring Rolls can be served hot for dinner at home or warmed and enjoyed at room temperature later at work or school.

The crispy Kung Pao Mochi Balls are filled with Beyond Beef and traditional Asian-Inspired vegetables and spices people know and love. The Potstickers are bite-sized appetizers packed with Beyond Beef and a variety of juicy plant-based ingredients which can be enjoyed boiled, steamed, or pan fried. Batal did not stop there- he and his team collaborated with leading chefs who specialize in various global cuisines. 

As a company, Zouz believes that people should know where their food comes from – sustainability is not only a belief, but also an overall business practice. According to a report commissioned by the U.N. by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) “a shift toward plant-based diets” is one of the most significant ways to reduce greenhouse gases from the agriculture sector - which Zouz believes will help reverse the effects of climate-change. As Americans shift to more plant-based eating or “The Flexitarian Diet” as it has been coined by dietitian Dawn Jackson Blatner, food products like Zouz make that modification seamless.

Food has always played a major role in Batal’s life, having lived in many countries with restaurateur parents who taught him that the two most important ingredients both in and out of the kitchen are passion and creativity. His work in the entertainment industry in music and film combined with his love of discovering new foods when connecting with people from different cultures, inspired him to develop the Zouz brand. Together, he and his family created the company while they were quarantining at home during the pandemic.