Due to popular demand, Bitchin’ Sauce is bringing their popular jumbo tubs (24-oz Chipotle) and snack packs (Bitchin’ Snackers) to the East Coast. Their 24-oz Chipotle tubs are expanding to 94 Costco locations across the Northeast. Additionally, 7-Eleven is expanding Bitchin’ Snacks (sauce and chips) into 200 stores throughout Maryland and Virginia.

The multi-award-winning almond dip started from humble roots in the farmers markets of San Diego, built through the hard work of founder of Bitchin’ Sauce, Starr Edwards. With only $200 dollars and a blender to her name at the time, Starr initially started selling her nutty creation to provide for her infant son, Skip (he can be seen on the front of every Bitchin’ Sauce tub).

The sauce was an instant hit at the local San Diego farmers markets, spreading by word of mouth and gaining steam that was backed by superior taste and top quality, natural ingredients. It was at one of these farmers markets that the company received one of their first major breaks, when a local Costco buyer stumbled by the booth. Their products launched regionally in Costco warehouses and saw regional success in Costco; Costco members have even been known to pull entire cases off the shelves. After many requests from rabid fans on the East Coast, Bitchin’ Sauce is excited to finally bring Costco members their almond based dip.

The new line of Bitchin’ Snacks launched last Fall in 250 Southern California stores as part of 7-Eleven’s Sips & Snacks program. Bitchin’ Sauce has since built a team of dedicated C-Store representatives whose goal is to ensure each individual store’s success, which will include the East Coast expansion in 200 7-Eleven stores across Maryland and Virginia. 

Bitchin' Snacks pairs Bitchin' Sauce's Original or Chipotle flavors with tortilla chips. Both flavors are well known throughout the nation as top-selling SKUs in over 7,500 retail partners. 

  • Original - The OG. Where Bitchin' began. Creamy lemon and garlic. Simple and Satisfying. Gluten-Free, Vegan, Project Non-GMO Verified, Kosher, Totally Bitchin'.
  • Chipotle - The Crowd Pleaser. Southwest delight with a heat that’s just right. Bold and Smoky. Gluten-Free, Vegan, Project Non-GMO Verified, Kosher, Totally Bitchin'.

Costco Northeast locations include: Connecticut; Washington, DC; Delaware; Massachusetts; Maryland; New Hampshire; New Jersey; Pennsylvania; Virginia; and Vermont. 

About Bitchin’ Sauce

Bitchin’ Sauce’s unconventional business model is a reflection of the unique lives of Bitchin’ founders, husband and wife, Starr Edwards and L.A. Edwards. The third of four children, Starr grew up living a nomadic life on the West Coast. Primarily self-taught in the kitchen and the office, her deeply rooted independent mentality along with her background as a vegan personal chef has poised and aided her in the foundation of the company. She has spent her career sharing her knowledge in food innovation, healthy living, entrepreneurship, business management, and family values. As the Bitchin' brand continues to grow, Starr's hand-crafted business model continues to distinguish itself with hallmark determination and inventiveness. Bitchin’ Sauce can be found in major retailers nationwide such as Costco, Target, Walmart, Whole Foods, and more.