The Worthy Company, creator of the plant-based, ready-to-eat Worthy Bowl, is expanding distribution to Southern California Costco and Bristol Farms locations. The Worthy Company’s Strawberry & Greens flavor in a 4-pack is now available at nine Southern California Costco locations, while 14 Bristol Farms stores will offer the brand’s Strawberry & Greens, Vanilla Orange and Mango & Greens bowls in early March.

Made with fruit-forward flavors and upcycled superfood ingredients, Worthy Bowls offer plant-based nourishment with all 8 essential amino acids, 8 grams fiber, 8 grams protein, plant servings and a 3:1 carb-to-protein ratio per serving.

“We use traditional, wholesome ingredients to create a mini-meal that fits into a modern lifestyle,” said Nydia Shipman, Co-Founder of The Worthy Company. “Nutritionally, people rarely get enough protein, fiber or veggies on a daily basis. We have managed to make those nutrition benchmarks achievable with a delicious 5.7 ounce bowl. We are thrilled to now be sold in Costco and Bristol Farms, making plant-based nourishment even more accessible.”

Whether you need a quick bite between video meetings or a nourishing meal after a workout, Worthy Bowl is designed with taste buds and health in mind. Worthy Bowls are created with natural ingredients that are non-GMO, vegan, kosher and allergen-friendly, which lets anyone enjoy the spoonable gut-healthy bowls.

“When we created Worthy, we filled a need for an affordable on-the-go snack full of worthy nourishment. Now, our efforts go beyond how the bowls physically benefit us,” said Sarah Renahan, Co-Founder of The Worthy Company. “We sincerely believe that all people are worthy of plant-based, beneficial food that feeds the body and spirit. Expanding into Costco and Bristol Farms is just one more step to make sure people can grow their sense of self-worth by feeling good about what they eat.”

Costco purchases of Worthy Bowls will support the non-profit organizations One Simple Wish, which raises awareness and generates support for children in foster care, and Graham Windham, which strives to make sure every child has a safe, loving, permanent family.

Conveniently found within the refrigerated section, The Worthy Company’s Strawberry & Greens Worthy Bowl retail for $9.59 per 4-pack at Costco, and Bristol Farms will sell the bowls for $3.49 each.

About The Worthy Company

One bowl. Worthy nourishment. Deliciously plant-based. The Worthy Company, innovator of plant-powered, ready-to-eat snacks, is much more than a company — it is a promise and movement created to ensure that plant-based nourishment is accessible to all and to inspire a global wave of self-worth. Category-first Worthy Bowls are an excellent and tasty source of plant-based nutrition, fiber and amino acids to nourish the goodness in all of us. Offered in five decadent flavors such as Vanilla Orange, Strawberries & Greens, Dark Cocoa Cherry, Mango & Greens, and Pineapple & Greens. Through its delicious line of convenient, allergen-friendly snacks, The Worthy Company is empowering consumers to eat more plants, avoid animal products, protect Mother Earth — and feel their worthiest.