Doughp, the edible and bakeable cookie dough brand, has partnered with Ritual Zero Proof, the first American-made spirit alternatives to capture the taste, smell and sensation of traditional spirits without the alcohol, to create Whiskey Maple Bacon cookie dough. 

Doughp Whiskey Maple Bacon cookie dough is a maple-flavored cookie dough infused with Ritual Zero Proof Whiskey Alternative to provide a rich whiskey flavor. Bacon bits and chocolate chips are mixed throughout the cookie dough, making for a salty-sweet take on a nostalgic treat that can be enjoyed raw or baked into cookies. The new Doughp flavor is a small batch production and available for a limited time. And by leaving the booze behind, it is hangover-free.

Doughp’s partnership with Ritual Zero Proof to create the new alcohol-free Whiskey Maple Bacon cookie dough met the demands of its consumers and those who enjoy the flavor of whiskey, without compromising on its core company values.

“Over the years, I’ve seen the trends of booze-infused desserts,” said Kelsey Moreira, founder of Doughp. “But as I’m nearly six years sober, that just simply wasn’t going to happen! Thanks to Ritual Zero Proof, we can finally meet that consumer trend while staying true to our company mission. I’m so excited to announce the first-ever booze-free Whiskey Maple Bacon cookie dough. Cheers to that!” 

Doughp is a mission-led company dedicated to mental health awareness and breaking stigmas of addiction. As part of Doughp’s charitable initiative, the company donates a portion of every purchase to SHE RECOVERS Foundation, which supports women in or seeking recovery.

The new Whiskey Maple Bacon cookie dough is Doughp’s first-ever flavor to incorporate a non-alcoholic spirit. Ritual Zero Proof is created with all-natural botanicals to deliver the complex flavor and experience of traditional whiskey without the alcohol. 

“Teaming up to create non-alcoholic Whiskey Maple Bacon cookie dough was a no-brainer,” said Marcus Sakey, founding partner of Ritual Zero Proof. “We’re no stranger to trailblazing products, and neither is Doughp. Working together to make the perfect Father’s Day gift just makes things that much sweeter.” 

The new Doughp Whiskey Maple Bacon cookie dough made with Ritual Zero Proof Whiskey Alternative is available starting on May 26th for Father’s Day orders. Alternatively, you can purchase a pint of it in a custom two, three, or four pack on Doughp’s Build Your Own Pack page. To purchase Doughp cookie dough, visit 

Doughp has also joined forces with upcycled food technology platform, ReGrained, to introduce Beast Mode Brownie, a brownie cookie dough that's boosted with fiber and protein and made from upcycled grains. 

The rich chocolate cookie dough is packed with chocolate chips and brownie chunks and is made with the environment friendly ReGrained SuperGrain+ blend. Doughp’s signature recipe incorporates the upcycled grains into a scrumptious, sweet indulgence that has twice the protein and six times the fiber than its other cookie dough flavors. 

Doughp burst onto the scene in 2017 with a mission to make the world a little sweeter. Using the sales of its edible and bakeable cookie dough product, Doughp fuels its efforts to reduce stigmas associated with mental health and addiction recovery. Driven by social good, the brand furthers its efforts to better the world by offering a cookie dough made with environmentally friendly sourced grains. 

“Creating a ridiculously tasty treat that is also environmentally friendly is a win-win,” said Kelsey Moreira, founder of Doughp. “Partnering with ReGrained gave us the ingredient to make a cookie dough flavor that is packed with nutrients without sacrificing on taste and decadence. We’re focused on creating a better world for your mental health – and with this partnership we’re working on the planet’s health, too!”

ReGrained uses a patented food upcycling technology to create SuperGrain+, a blend of sprouted ancient grains rescued from the leftovers of the brewing industry. The environmentally friendly powder is a nutrient dense ingredient with almost 75% fewer net carbs than all-purpose flour and more than 60% than whole grains. 

To make Beast Mode Brownie even more delicious, Doughp is donating a portion of every purchase to SHE RECOVERS Foundation, which supports women in or seeking recovery. This donation is part of the company’s charitable initiative which donates a portion of all cookie dough purchases to the foundation. As another mission-driven business, ReGrained also donates a portion of all sales to environmental non-profits via 1% For The Planet. The combined forces of the two companies in making Beast Mode Brownie support mental health and the health of the planet.  

"With this collaboration, we are proud to blend the missions of ReGrained and Doughp in the timelessly craveable format of cookie dough," shares Dan Kurzrock, ReGrained co-founder and CEO. "Our brands are a natural match, and every pint created together brings us one step closer to environmental and social progress. Dig in and Eat Up!"

To purchase Doughp Beast Mode Brownie cookie dough, visit

About Doughp

Serving up nostalgia with every spoonful and curating dope moments of self-love, Doughp – the legit cookie dough company, burst onto the dessert scene in 2017 in San Francisco and grew into a multi-million dollar cookie dough empire to make the world a little sweeter. After a journey in self-discovery and sobriety, founder Kelsey Moreira renewed her love for baking and inadvertently created an amazing cookie dough recipe from scratch that can be enjoyed either raw or baked. Kelsey took Doughp on ABC’s hit show “Shark Tank” and she was named in Forbes 30 Under 30 for how quickly she's grown this business and her mission-driven mentality behind it. 

Buy Doughp, give hope. Given the founder’s recovery journey, they are on a mission to reduce the shame and stigma associated with mental health and addiction recovery. #Doughp4Hope is their national campaign giving back to the community by prioritizing mental health policies within their community, engaging the community in authentic conversation on these topics, and donating 1% of all sales to SHE RECOVERS Foundation, supporting women in or seeking recovery.

But it gets even sweeter than that. This legit cookie dough is made in a kitchen, not a lab; it starts with six all natural ingredients and no added preservatives. For more information, visit 

About Ritual Zero Proof

Ritual Zero Proof is the first American-made spirit alternative to use all-natural botanicals to echo the flavor and burn of liquor – without the alcohol or calories.

Headquartered in Chicago, Ritual Beverage Company is a labor of love founded by three longtime friends. Artists and entrepreneurs, foodies who work out and parents who drink, they developed Ritual as a new way to mark a moment.

After experimenting with hundreds of recipes and in consultation with bartenders, chefs and beverage professionals, in September of 2019 Ritual launched two flagship products, a Gin Alternative and Whiskey Alternative. In January 2020, Ritual received a minority investment from global beverage alcohol leader Diageo via Distill Ventures. The brand expanded its portfolio with the launch of a Tequila Alternative in April 2020 (named 2020's Best Non-Alcoholic Spirit by the Beverage Testing Institute). 

About ReGrained

ReGrained is the leading food upcycling technology and ingredient platform. ReGrained deploys patented technology and culinary science to rescue healthy food and crafts delicious, versatile, better for you ingredients and products. Their flagship ingredient, ReGrained SuperGrain+, elevates the tens of billions of pounds of desugared, sprouted ancient grains created annually by the beer industry. ReGrained SuperGrain+ is a versatile, economical and environmentally friendly grain powder rich in plant protein, dietary fiber and prebiotics. Food companies around the world partner with ReGrained to power their next generation of product innovations. ReGrained’s branded CPG products can be found in retailers nationwide. ReGrained is a proudly certified Public Benefit Corporation and 1% For The Planet member, and cofounding member of the Upcycled Food Association.