Marin French Cheese Co. introduces a new logo and design to increase consumer awareness of its status as the oldest artisan cheesemaker in the United States. Marin French Cheese Co. originated in 1865 when the pioneering Thompson family began making high-quality soft-ripened cheeses using French techniques in the incomparable coastal terroir of Marin County, just north of San Francisco.

Marin French Cheese Co. has long been a favorite of food lovers seeking handmade artisan cheeses. With its rebrand, the company’s products stand out on shelves with new, more visible, easy-to-read labels and colors specific to each flavor.

“The decision to rebrand arose because consumer research indicated low brand awareness,” says Manon Servouse, marketing director for Marin French Cheese Co. “Many thought that Marin French was a descriptor of cheese style, not our company name. The new logo and design reaffirm Marin French Cheese Co. as the country’s oldest cheese company, rooted in a tradition of artisan French-style cheesemaking in the unique terroir of Northern California.”

From the Gold Rush to a Gold Medal: A Cheese to Please Every Palate

Marin French Cheese Co.’s handcrafted products are made in small batches with the highest-quality milk from Holstein, Jersey and Guernsey cows pastured at local North Bay dairies near the creamery. An unwavering loyalty to place culminates in more than 155 years of cheesemaking knowledge and passion, from the Thompson family in 1865 to Jim Boyce in 1995 and now under the stewardship of the Triballat family, fourth-generation French cheesemakers. The result is a collection of cheeses meticulously handcrafted with equal respect for Northern California terroir and Old World methods that have stood the test of time.

Heritage Brie and Camembert recipes form the basis for all the creamery’s artisan cheeses. While exciting ingredients like mustard seeds, truffles, and jalapeños appeal to the adventurous tastes of the contemporary consumer, their foundation comes from time-honored techniques going back centuries. Marin French Cheese Co.’s soft-ripened classic cheeses — Camembert, Traditional Brie, and Triple Crème Brie — anchor any cheeseboard. In 2005, Triple Crème Brie shocked the cheese world as the first American cheese to win the only gold medal in the Brie category of The World Cheese Awards in London, a feat it repeated in 2010.

Its flagship Petite Breakfast, the little cheese with the big history, began as a protein alternative in response to a sudden overdemand for eggs in the 1860’s by miners turned dockworkers. The urgent demand inspired the Thompsons to quickly develop a small format fresh brie, skip the aging room and ship the new “Breakfast Cheese” to the docks unripened. Today, its fresh tangy flavor and bestselling status remain as part of their family of portable Petite 4 oz. cheeses that are perfect for two, for sampling on a cheese plate and still a delicious way to start the day.

After more than 155 years of production, Marin French Cheese Co. continues to ensure distinctive flavor and outstanding handmade artisan cheeses.

Where to Find: Find Marin French Cheese Co. artisan cheeses at grocery stores and cheese counters across the country and via the website’s Store Locator. Also available at Northbay Creameries, the online shop for Marin French Cheese Co. and its sister brands, Laura Chenel and St. Benoit Creamery.

About Marin French Cheese Co.

Marin French Cheese Co. is the country’s oldest cheese company, operating at its historic creamery in Marin County since 1865. Marin French Cheese Co. marries traditional French cheesemaking techniques with California terroir and innovative spirit to produce award-winning and original cheeses. Made with high-quality local ingredients, its cheeses reflect one of life’s simplest and most authentic pleasures: experiencing good food.