My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream, has rebranded the company and will now be called My/Mochi. The four-year-old brand, with roots in a 100-year old family business and mochi tradition, also introduces new packaging, a product free of corn syrup, and non-GMO ingredients.

The brand, headquartered in Los Angeles, is the largest manufacturer of mochi ice cream in North America. The company is widely credited with the invention of mochi ice cream, a handheld, portion-controlled snack of premium ice cream wrapped in sweet, pillowy rice dough. With the vision of bringing mochi to the masses, the company transformed a small, family-run company into a world class, modern frozen snack powerhouse. My/Mochi is America's fastest growing frozen novelty, owning 80% of the mochi ice cream category in the grocery channel and 98% of the category in convenience stores. You can find My/Mochi products in over 30,000 grocery locations as well as select convenience stores throughout the country.

"Gen Z and Millennials want snacks that fit in with their busy lives while bringing joy to their day," said Barnett. "We developed a product that creates a sensory explosion of color, texture, and taste in a snackable package. It is pure bi-textural overload in just four bites. We are bringing play to people's world and at the same time we are also bringing the joy back to snacking, with our snack that happens to be frozen," said My/Mochi's Managing Director and CMO Russell Barnett. "Our consumers have been branding us as "My/Mochi" for the last few years, so we took a cue from the experts, evolving the name to its most natural form."

My/Mochi is always looking for ways to evolve and elevate the brand. Therefore, in response to increasing consumer demand for healthier and more natural options, the brand moved to using only non-GMO ingredients while also replacing corn syrup with cane sugar as the sweetener across the entire mochi ice cream portfolio. Previous to that they introduced non-dairy and vegan options so that snackers everywhere could enjoy the sweet snack that is My/Mochi.

"The past few years have been an amazing ride. We love playing the role of category creator,  and connecting with so many consumers who share our love of snacking," said Barnett. "We are constantly listening to our brand's biggest fans on what they want to see next. We will continue to hear them and use their feedback, which gives us permission to lean further into our hallmarks of play and fun while keeping the weird of chewing your ice cream.

About My/Mochi

Headquartered in Los Angeles, My/Mochi, creator of the Modern Frozen Snack category, is a mouthboggling, textural experience, taking premium ice cream and wrapping it in pillowy, sweet rice mochi dough. Available in a variety of fan-favorite flavors, My/Mochi gives snackers a colorful and wonderfully weird snacking experience in a handheld, portion-controlled way. My/Mochi products are made with real ingredients, always gluten-free, rBST free, made without soy and no GMO ingredients. A variety of non-dairy and vegan offerings, using creamy dreamy cashew cream, are also available.