Veroni Italian deli meats asked its Instagram followers to create 4th of July-themed charcuterie boards using Veroni products like its popular prosciutto,  traditional Italian salami such as Salame Milano, Salame di Parma, and Salame Calabrese, and Italian regional specialties such as coppa, speck, and mortadella. Scroll through the photos above to see the Veroni family’s favorite creations.

While deli meats are not typical American products, they represent a pillar in American social life According to a survey by Veroni, 78% of US consumers enjoy charcuterie with company, whether they are family or friends. Today, social media – from TikTok to Instagram – are plenty of amazing grazing tables that drive an authentic trend. Veroni’s Instagram feed as well is filled every day with colorful and delicious appetizer boards crafted with charcuterie.

About Veroni Salumi

Veroni is an Italian company that offers genuine Italian-made products to the USA, including prosciutto, salami, mortadella and other fresh, cured meats. The company was founded in 1925 by the five Veroni brothers, in the small town of Correggio in Emilia-Romagna, Italy. With the establishment of their headquarters in Logan, New Jersey in 2016, Veroni branched out to the USA market. Veroni guaranties product authenticity and high-quality by importing 100% Italian made salumi into the USA, which are sliced and packaged at the local facility to preserve their flavors and aromas. Now, with over 40 distinct products available in supermarkets and grocery stores nationwide, Veroni expects to continue growing and providing their traditional family recipes to the USA.