With the market launch of the new high-performance PVLH 251 AL system, Handtmann offers medium-scale and industrial sausage producers an automated production process for the portioning, linking and hanging of cooked and dry sausages in cellulose and collagen casing that can dramatically improve their efficiency. 

The line is ideally suited for the dedicated production of hot dogs in cellulose and collagen casing, but also for dry sausages, vegan/vegetarian and meat substitute products, and the automated production of sausage products for the pet food segment.  

This high level of productivity is made possible by short set-up times and minimal casing change times with only one linking nozzle.  Casing length options are available up to 580 mm for single product lines to maximize effective machine operating time.  Reliable casing change is ensured by centring the linking nozzle and simultaneously guiding the casing in the casing spooling unit while a filling product scraper ensures that the linking nozzle is clean at all times to support the highest level of process reliability with the shortest casing change times of less than two seconds. 

The operator is prompted to refill the casing magazine by an optical signal to maintain continuous production and the innovative design of the new PVLH 251 voider belt and special voider elements provide particularly gentle positioning of the casing and consistent length.  Automatic length checks prevent operating errors with the set portion length and the voider belts automatically matched.  The straightforward design of the line offers highly intuitive operation, even for inexperienced operators, preventing incorrect settings and consequently rejects.   

The hanging unit easily multiplies the advantages of the new PVLH 251. Flexible hook spacing, adjustable in 5 mm increments, ensures that all products are conveyed with optimum spacing for maximum smoke stick efficiency and cost savings in the downstream process. The entire production line can be increased in height by 100 mm or 200 mm for sausage loops up to a maximum length of 850 mm. As an option, the hanging unit can also be equipped with the Handtmann AHE scales that also automatically readjust of the filling volume for optimum product weight control at all times creating cost savings of up to 2%.

About Handtmann

Handtmann is a leading global capital equipment provider of mixing, emulsifying, portioning, depositing, forming, filling, in-line grinding, extruding and co-extruding solutions to artisan and industrial food processors. Advanced Handtmann technologies are known for operational accuracy, safety, and reliability.  Handtmann, Inc. is the wholly owned sales and service subsidiary of the Handtmann Group serving the United States with headquarters in Lake Forest, Illinois. The global Handtmann Group is a family-owned business established and headquartered in Biberach, Germany since 1873.  Besides Maschinenfabrik, the Food Processing Division, Handtmann Group Divisions include Light Metal Casting (automotive industry), Plant Engineering (brewhouse, filling and filtration), Plastics Technology (LAURAMID structural components) and System Technology (intelligent systems for the mobility of tomorrow).