Plant milk dairy maker Miyoko's Creamery announced the launch of their Plant Milk Cheese Spreads, a snackable addition to the brand's delicious product line. The new spreads are all crafted using time-honored cheesemaking techniques from a rich, creamy base of organic cultured cashew milk. Inspired by the award-winning, best-selling artisan cheese wheels and Roadhouse Cheddar, these plant milk cheese spreads are sure to spark spontaneous snacking.

Miyokos' Plant Milk Cheese Spreads deliver where it counts, through taste, performance and quality with a simple ingredient list. Like all of Miyokos' products, these versatile spreads are certified-organic, vegan, lactose free, soy free, palm oil free, gluten free and kosher, an impressive criteria to meet compared to other plant milk cheese spreads on the market. Boasting four delicious flavors, the new spreadable lineup includes:

  • Classic Chive: A robustly flavorful, fresh, deliciously smooth and speckled spreadable cheese with finely chopped chives. Perfect for spreading on crackers, folding into mashed potatoes, or enhancing any dish.
  • Garlic Herb: Garlic and finely chopped herbs make this cheese wonderfully herbaceous and aromatic. Deliciously smooth and perfect for spreading on crackers, blending into sauces, or enhancing any dish.
  • Roadhouse Cheddar: With a bold, sharp cheddar flavor, this tasty spread packs an unforgettable, delicious punch. Perfect for snacking, sandwiches and so much more.
  • Sundried Tomato: With sun-dried tomatoes and garlic, this is a deliciously smooth cheese with a robust Mediterranean flavor. Perfect for spreading on crackers, blending into sauces, or enhancing any dish.

As the pioneers and masters of their craft, Miyoko's makes the finest organic plant milk cheeses, butters and cream cheeses the hard way, the old-fashioned way and the pure way by devotedly evolving the time-honored art of the creamery with plant milks.

"We are thrilled to announce the Plant Milk Cheese Spreads as the newest addition to Miyoko's product line," said Rebecca Infusino, chief customer officer. "As Americans continue to actively look for ways to reduce meat and dairy consumption, the spreads are a perfect next step in our product development as we continue to strive to bring fresh excitement into the category. Whether you're looking to elevate your game-night snacking or need a sauce starter for dinner, the Plant Milk Cheese Spreads are a versatile, delicious product that everyone will enjoy."

In addition to this launch, Miyoko's is expanding at a rapid pace, increasing overall retail presence to more than 25,000 doors nationally, including retailers like Whole Foods, Kroger, Stop & Shop, Safeway, Sprouts, Walmart, and Wegmans.

The Plant Milk Cheese Spreads will be available to purchase for $6.49 for an 8-ounce container across a variety of retail partners nationwide, including Whole Foods, Sprouts, Natural Grocers, Natural Independents and regional Albertsons locations in Texas.

About Miyoko’s Creamery
 Miyoko's Creamery, based in Northern California's esteemed wine country, was established in 2014 and has built a reputation as the world's finest plant milk creamery. The brand, which was built on the foundation of craft and compassion, is the natural evolution of dairy– using time-honored techniques and the finest ingredients to make a variety of award-winning artisan butters and cheeses. As a mission-driven, proudly vegan, certified B Corporation, Miyoko's Creamery believes that food unites us all, that the good life can be savored without sacrifice, and that change can be made when we recognize the connection of our plates to the world, systems and living beings around us. With taste and performance at the forefront, Miyoko's Creamery products are perfect for all culinary and baking applications. From the much-loved European Style Plant Milk Butter to the highly praised Pourable Plant Milk Mozzarella, all offerings are a 1:1 substitution in any recipe or dish. Proudly served in world-class wineries & restaurants, Miyoko's Creamery cheese and butter are loved by chefs, pizzaiolos, cheesemongers, and sommeliers worldwide. Rapidly becoming a foodie favorite, Miyoko's Creamery products are widely available in over 20,000 retailers nationwide, including Whole Foods, Sprouts, Target, Kroger and Walmart as well as in-home delivery services like Whole Foods Market via Amazon delivery and Instacart via select retailers.

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