Scott & Jon's, the leader in healthy, premium seafood meals, is excited to announce a significant increase in the portion size of its popular frozen meals. Beginning in early 2024, consumers will enjoy 20% more food in every bowl, offering a substantial boost in value without compromising on taste, nutrition, or price point

"Our consumers told us loud and clear that they want healthy seafood options, bigger portions, and better value," said Jon Demers, co-founder of Scott & Jon's. "With this increase in portion sizes, we're addressing these needs, providing our consumers with the satisfaction they want without increasing their cost.

Scott & Jon's has long been recognized as a pioneer in frozen seafood, offering convenient and delicious meals that are packed with protein while staying low calorie. Their commitment to using simple, wholesome ingredients sets them apart, making them a go-to choice for health-conscious individuals who want to feel good about what they eat.

In addition to the increased portion sizes, Scott & Jon's is also unveiling new packaging design that reflects the brand's commitment to quality seafood and innovation. The new packaging is more vibrant and eye-catching on shelf, showcasing the mouthwatering ingredients and flavors that Scott & Jon's is known for.

Along with increasing value in every meal and launching fresh packaging, Scott & Jon's will continue their groundbreaking innovation by adding a new seafood protein option to their lineup of frozen meals. Stay tuned for more exciting news on what Scott & Jon are cooking up next!    

About Scott & Jon's 
Founded by brothers Scott and Jon Demers, Scott & Jon's is a Maine-based company dedicated to transforming the frozen food aisle with its premium seafood meals. Inspired by family recipes, they set out to create meals that were both delicious and healthy, challenging the notion that convenience food had to be bland or nutritionally lacking. Their unwavering commitment to quality and flavor has earned Scott & Jon's a loyal following and recognition from industry experts. The brand's products are available in major grocery stores nationwide, bringing a taste of Maine to kitchens across the country.