Doughlicious - The London Dough Co.’s cookie dough snack platform, officially makes its entrance into the U.S. market, enticing taste buds with a modern twist on the classic cookie dough experience. Starting this month, Doughlicious’ Frozen Cookie Dough and Gelato Bites are available in the ice cream aisles at Whole Foods Market stores across four strategic regions: Northeast, Southwest, Rocky Mountains, and the Mid-Atlantic, which include popular markets such as New York, Washington, D.C., Dallas, and Denver.

Doughlicious offers the next evolution of frozen snacks through a unique range of gluten-free and non-GMO Frozen Cookie Dough and Gelato Bites that deliver an unparalleled snacking experience. Each layered bite combines creamy, better-for-you gelato wrapped in the finest, melt-in-the-mouth cookie dough made with oats and then coated in a soft cookie crumb.

People can enjoy their favorite cookie flavors in a new way with classics like Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Truffle, and Mint Chocolate Chip. Other flavours include Cinnamon Churro (a twist on the classic sugar cookie), as well as fresh Blueberry Frozen Yogurt and Strawberry fruit varieties. All Doughlicious products are made with premium ingredients, naturally gluten-free, no added refined sugar, and free from white-bleached flour, artificial additives, and preservatives. All ingredients are responsibly sourced from reputable suppliers adhering to the brand’s stringent standards for quality, animal welfare, and sustainable production methods.

"Doughlicious recognizes the bond people share with cookie dough—a snack that sparks nostalgia and fond memories," said Kathryn Bricken, founder of Doughlicious. "We've elevated this classic by infusing it with the best ingredients, gluten-free, and all made in our facility in London powered by renewable energy. Owning our own facility ensures that Doughlicious’ Frozen Cookie Dough and Gelato Bites offer exceptional taste, and texture, and create the ultimate snacking experience."

Doughlicious’ highly snackable Frozen Cookie Dough and Gelato Bites retail for $6.99 at Whole Foods Market stores spanning the Northeast, Southwest, Rocky Mountains, and the Mid-Atlantic regions.


About Doughlicious – The London Dough Co.
Doughlicious, proudly women-owned and operated, is on a mission to redefine the cookie dough experience by creating the ultimate snackable affair. Focused on better-for-you ingredients and sustainable practices, the brand introduces a fresh perspective to the frozen snack category. Doughlicious’ Frozen Cookie Dough and Gelato Bites are Certified Gluten-free, non-GMO, free from refined sugar, and made without artificial colors or preservatives. All frozen snacks are carefully crafted and made at the brand’s London facility.