Better Balance, known for making delicious plant-based products that everyone can enjoy, announced their new Better Dog is available to consumers at select Chicago-based grocery markets including Cermak Fresh Market, Pete’s Market and Tony’s Fresh Market. The flavorful hot dogs, crafted from pea protein and free from gluten and soy, have rapidly become a top choice among consumers seeking delicious plant-based options.

"As we continue our goal of making Better Balance’s delicious plant-based products available to everyone, partnering with Cermak, Pete’s, and Tony’s is a fantastic start," said Ana Guerra, head of U.S. for Better Balance. "The Better Dog has received rave reviews from both food service partners and consumers, and we’re thrilled that these markets have picked us up just in time for the start of grilling season. We’re excited to see our retail footprint expand in the coming year and our products available to consumers beyond Chicago!" 

Better Dog was first introduced in Spain in 2022 ,and quickly rose to the top of the ranks as the number one selling product in the country’s hot dog and sausage categories. Since its launch, it has garnered numerous accolades. The hot dog made its debut in the Chicago market earlier this year through a partnership with the award-winning brand and restaurant, Kale My Name, and sold out within its first week on the menu. Additionally, the Better Dog has undergone testing among select groups across the United States, emerging as the preferred choice for taste, texture, and overall experience when compared to some of today’s most nationally recognized competitors in the market and category.

The Better Dog is currently available for purchase in two sizes: the Jumbo Pack, featuring a 2-count package of jumbo-sized hot dogs, and the Classic Pack, offering a 5-count package of standard-sized hot dogs.