MKG Provisions, Woodville, Texas, said it has begun partnering with an unnamed seafood processor in El Salvador to supply frozen seafood items to commissaries as well as foodservice and retail customers.

MKG Provisions said the El Salvadoran company owns its own vessels and will be processing seafood products on the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. This partnership will allow for expansion of MKG's services to include both finfish and shellfish processing.

"We are extremely pleased with the announcement of our new partnership," said Michael Faber, MKG Provisions chief executive officer. "This joint venture will allow us to greatly expand the distribution of our Sea-Frozen products, and we expect it to significantly increase our global market share.

"We also plan to provide more information on other lines of protein-based products very soon." Mr. Faber continued, "Our main objective is to distribute the freshest and best tasting seafood."

MKG says it is developing a "global distribution network" and is working to expand product lines in both the commercial and the retail sides of the business. Officials say MKG focuses on sourcing, processing and importation of seafood, beef, poultry, and dairy products.