Organic yogurt processorStonyfield Farm, Londonderry, N.H., said it is introducing the first yogurt cup made from plants.

Starting in mid-October, officials say every Stonyfield Farm multi-pack yogurt cup -- including YoBaby, YoToddler andYoKids (as well as B-Healthy, B-Well, Probiotic & O’Soy) -- will be made from plant-based plastic. Stonyfield says the "breakthrough" cup reduces carbon emissions by nearly half and reduces reliance on fossil fuels.

Officials note that there is no increase in price on any of its multi-packs. Moreover, the new cups look and feel just like the petroleum-based polystyrene (PS#6) cups they replace. The only difference is a new “Made From Plants” stamp on the bottom. 

“Our new made from plants yogurt cup is the latest step in Stonyfield’s more than 20-year journey to make sustainable packaging that people can feel good about,” said Gary Hirshberg, Stonyfield’s president and CEO.  “Moms trust us to do the right thing and that’s something we take very seriously.  We’ve worked hard to produce a plant-based cup that’s an easy way for moms to ‘pay it forward’ to their kids.” 

Stonyfield says the cup is 93 percent made from polylactic acid, which at this time is made from corn.  Within five years, the US Department of Energy predicts that non-food plants will be viable alternatives.  Until that time, Stonyfield uses an offset program to produce a sustainably grown amount of corn equal to the amount used for the cups.  Thus, by taking an equivalent amount of GMO corn out of production, Stonyfield is not supporting GMOs.

“This new yogurt cup is something we’ve been working to achieve for years and we are excited to be able to introduce it now,” explained Nancy Hirshberg, Stonyfield’s vice president of natural resources.  “Even without a recycling option in the early stages, plant-based plastic is already better for the planet than polystyrene because it produces lower carbon emissions and requires less fossil fuel to make.  As this new type of plastic become commonplace, the potential environmental benefits only get better.”

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