Los Angeles retail meats processor Farmer John introduced new products across four categories -- in conjunction with improved packaging and a new brand logo to "make a premium statement at the shelf."

A subsidiary of Hormel Foods, Farmer John developed several new premium breakfast sausages, pork burgers, fully cooked ribs and hot dogs.

Officials note that the line plays to Los Angeles-area tastes for products that are sweet and spicy, influenced by fruits and berries' and that include Hispanic cheeses, honey and cinnamon, and chili peppers.

“Prepared fresh locally for over 75 years, our products have earned the trust of the community by consistently delivering flavorful proteins at a recognized value,” said Jeffrey R. Frank, vice president of marketing at Farmer John.  “These new offerings were developed for the Southern Californian’s unique palate.”

Beyond the mainstream items of skinless sausage links and roll sausages, Farmer John introduces four premium sausage products: Maple Chipotle Links, Apple Cinnamon Links, Hot Italian Ground Pork and the versatile Mild Italian Ground Pork. 

Specifically for the grill, Farmer John is introducing four new flavors of lean seasoned pork burgers including Savory, Garden Onion, Smoky Barbeque and Cajun Style. 

Officials say Farmer John also has recognized is that fully cooked BBQ ribs are growing in popularity in the West.  Retailers are experiencing double-digit growth in this category as consumers are eating more meals at home and looking for ways to reduce preparation without sacrificing flavor.  With these considerations in mind, Farmer John introduces Baby Back and St. Louis Style Ribs to the fully cooked BBQ rib category.  The St. Louis Style ribs are spareribs with the brisket bone removed, while the Baby Back ribs are meaty pork ribs from the lower back rib section.

Farmer John is also introducing five new hot dogs.  The first two, Spicy Franks and Big Game Beef Franks, may seem familiar to sports fans.  Officials say the seven-inch Spicy Frank is the same popular venue hot dog sold at Dodger Stadium that can now be enjoyed at family gatherings. The Big Game Beef Franks are made with all beef for a firm bite that taste best when grilled.  Also at seven inches, the size of these franks are perfect for those looking for a more fulfilling meal.

For those who want to savor a favorite American tradition without the guilt, new Reduced Fat Beef Franks have 33 percent less fat and offer the same great smoky flavor as original beef franks. The New Beef & Cheese Franks offer sharp cheddar cheese flavor. And, offering the same satisfaction without the cheese, Farmer John says it is proud to bring back the Classic Beef Franks for the frank enthusiast.