Londonderry, N.H.-based Stonyfield changed the name of its Greek yogurt from Organic Oikos Greek to Stonyfield Greek. The change will help fans of the Stonyfield Stonyfield Greek yogurtbrand know they are getting the quality they seek in a Greek yogurt. With this name change, Stonyfield Greek packaging is also undergoing a fresh update with a bright blue finish and a more prominent Stonyfield logo.

"Stonyfield put the first nationally distributed organic Greek on store shelves. Now, with dozens of Greek offerings in the dairy aisle, we want to help Stonyfield fans more easily find the organic Greek yogurt from the brand they know and love," says Kristen Deshaies, vice president of marketing. "Stonyfield Greek is still the same great-tasting yogurt, celebrated for its rich texture, purity, nutrition and because it doesn't cut corners when it comes to organic quality."

Stonyfield Greek yogurt will be in stores nationwide beginning in March. Dannon Oikos remains unchanged in its branding and offerings.