Nestlé Foods, Oakland, Calif., launched a line of frozen snacks under its new brand, Outshine. Outshine bars

These new fruit bars, which will now be known as Dreyer's Outshine fruit bars, entail a coconut water-based frozen fruit bar.

"The popularity of coconut water has exploded with more than 23 million U.S. consumers enjoying coconut water-based beverages. By blending delicious young coconut water with refreshing fruit, we've created a totally invigorating snack for coconut lovers everywhere," says Kerry Hopkins, Outshine brand manager.

The new Coconut Water bars boast 60 calories per bar, and come six bars to a box for a suggested retail price of $4.39. They’re available at grocery and supermarkets nationwide.

The Dreyer's Outshine brand will also introduce new limited-edition Seasonal Picks inspired by the farmer's market, which include Raspberry and Peach flavors (available through August) and Grapefruit and Blood Orange flavors (available September through December).