Bosch Packaging Technology, New Richmond, Wis., launched Gemini 4, a new Delta robot hardware platform and software controller.Bosch Gemini 4

With increased speed and lower changeover time resulting in higher productivity, the platform allows manufacturers to reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) of their automated production lines. The hardware component of Gemini 4 has a streamlined architecture and integrates standardized industry equipment from Bosch Rexroth and Beckhoff. Operators are now able to run up to eight Delta robots and 16 conveyors through the simplified Gemini 4 controller. 

The streamlined design of the Gemini 4 controller and its software enables manufacturers to enhance accuracy and raise their production line speeds by up to 25% (product dependent), while maintaining gentle product handling, process reliability and quality. Plus, manufacturers no longer need to use multi-picking heads to enhance performance. Regardless of the pack size or style, the same head is being used, eliminating the downtime for changeovers.

An additional benefit of the Gemini 4 is its ease of use, both in setup and operation. Its Human Machine Interface (HMI) can store instructions for the production of multiple products. The software utilizes a user interface similar to previous Gemini iterations, ensuring operators familiar with the system can work with it needing only minimal training.

Bosch Packaging Technology, Inc.