If you've been driving the Connecticut roads lately, you may have seen some of Guida's Dairies new trucks. Guida's Dairy, Britain, Conn., upgraded its fleet with a total of 19 new vehicles, eight wholesale trucks, eight trailers and three tractors.

The new state-of-the-art vehicles are equipped with the latest Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR), a new technology that reduces NOx emissions to near zero levels, while delivering improved fuel economy and reliability. In conjunction with the new technology, Guida's transitioned their trailers to electric standby units, allowing the refrigerated engines to run on electricity when not being transported over the road, resulting in a savings of thousands of gallon of fuel over a year's time.

“With our new trucks, we're reducing our carbon ‘Hoof-Print’ by 12%,” says Dave Drezek, director of transportation. "We're currently retrofitting our entire fleet with a brand new GPS logistic software system, which monitors speed, idle time, braking, location and refrigeration temperatures. The new technology allows us to manage our driver's behavior on the road, resulting in a reduction of overall fuel consumption by 2.1%.”