Energy drinks used to be feature all the powers, with their high levels of stimulants and caffeine. And, it seemed as though they were poised to take over the world.

Not so fast. That’s because refrigerated and frozen beverage processors continue to take their products above and beyond, going where no beverage has gone before. Whether it’s bold, yet refreshing flavors or superpowers in the form of vitamins, real fruit and vegetables, the quest begins with real ingredients and ends with the ultimate beverage option.

Juicing up the competition

For Country Pure Foods, the Akron, Ohio-based processor of juice products for school grades K-12, creating the ultimate beverage is a voyage they’re willing to venture with its new V Blend Vegetable/Fruit Blend juices. Developed primarily to help school nutrition planners meet vegetable requirements, V Blend juices also aim to increase the total vegetable servings consumed by children. They are made with 100% juice and come in Dragon Punch and Wango Mango flavors, available in 4- and 6-ounce eco cartons.

Ocean Spray, Lakeville, Mass., partnered with PepsiCo’s Tropicana brand to enter the chilled juice aisle with Premium Cranberry and Blueberry juice drinks. Both beverages are said to offer the daily requirement of vitamin C per 8-ounce glass.

Dole Food Co., Inc., Westlake Village, Calif., shook up the frozen aisle with new DOLE Peach Mango Fruit Smoothie Shakers. Made with real, low-fat yogurt and pieces of finely cut peach and mango, this new variety delivers 100% of the daily value of vitamins B3, B5, B6, B9 and B12. All consumers have to do is simply remove the product from the freezer, add their favorite juice and shake the mixture for 30-45 seconds—no blender necessary.

Even superheroes need a coffee break

Even the most on-the-go consumer needs a break to sit and enjoy a tasty cup of Joe.

Seattle’s Best Coffee, part of Seattle-based Starbucks Corp., and specialty food manufacturer Inventure Foods, Inc., Phoenix, teamed up to launch Seattle’s Best Coffee Frozen Coffee Blends, what is said to be the first blend-at-home frozen coffee beverage. The new line is made with high-quality 100% arabica coffee beans, and comes in Coffee Chiller, Creamy Caramel, Very Vanilla and Mega Mocha flavors. To make two, 8-ounce beverages in less than a minute, consumers simply empty the contents of the frozen bag into a blender, add 8 ounces of fat-free milk and blend the mixture.

HP Hood, LLC, Lynnfield, Mass., added three new flavors to its line of premium non-alcoholic-flavored BAILEYS coffee creamers. For instance, Mudslide was inspired by the classic BAILEYS Mudslide cocktail, and features subtle chocolate notes blended with the rich and creamy flavor of BAILEYS Original Irish Cream liqueur. Vanilla Brown Sugar features delicately cooked brown sugar that is perfectly caramelized and combined with creamy vanilla. Limited Edition White Chocolate Raspberry Swirl contains rich, white chocolate infused with sweet raspberry.

The superhuman energy drink is so yesterday. Today’s consumers can boost their own personal powers thanks to some super-fortified, super-tasty refrigerated and frozen beverages.

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