Best Chicago Meat Co., Chicago, expanded its Glenmark brand of individually quick-frozen (IQF) burgers to include new varieties sold under the Glenmark Premier Glenmark IQF burgerLabel line.

The line expansion includes Bacon & Cheddar, Blue Cheese, Jalapeno & Monterey Jack and Roasted Mushroom & Swiss pub-style burgers. Each one consists of 1/3 pound of premium Angus beef and come frozen, six to a box. Glenmark burgers are intended to fry or grill directly from the freezer; no thawing necessary. And, they are made of 100% USDA beef.

“These new pub-style burgers are absolutely packed with flavor,” says Dave Van Kampen, president and COO. “We are very excited to get these Angus burgers in the hands of burger fans; we know they’ll be a big hit.”