Rich Products Corp., Buffalo, N.Y., rolled out Golden Oreo and Vanilla Cookie Bettercreme Made with Golden Oreo ice cream cakes for in-store bakeries. Rich Products Golden Oreo cake inbody

“We wanted to provide our bakery customers with products that non-chocolate lovers will enjoy both for special occasions and as an ‘anyday’ type of indulgence, such as a sweet treat in the afternoon or an after-dinner dessert,” says Courtney Erickson, assistant marketing manager, customer shopper marketing. “Both products take advantage of the lofty status of Golden Oreo as the No. 2 Oreo overall. Its phenomenal popularity adds extra variety to the dessert case, promising sweet success for our customers.”

More than 1 pound of real Golden Oreo cookie pieces goes into every 9-pound pail of Vanilla Cookie Bettercreme Made with Golden Oreo to deliver the ultimate Golden Oreo experience throughout the light and creamy icing. The product’s smooth texture and soft, golden color combine for an indulgent appearance on white or yellow cake

Meanwhile, the Golden Oreo ice cream cake is Rich’s first all-vanilla dessert ice cream cake. It serves up to eight people, and consists of creamy, vanilla-flavored ice cream blended with real Golden Oreo cookie pieces and topped with whipped icing and a Golden Oreo cookie.