Sunny Delight Beverages Co., Cincinnati, and Advanced Energy Dynamics, LLC (AED), Bethesda, Md., completed their customized energy savings project, which resulted in a 20% cost savings at Sunny Delight’s South Brunswick, N.J., facility. Sunny Delight is at the forefront of sustainability initiatives.

The producer of juice-based beverages chose AED to spearhead their energy conservation efforts. By improving electrical efficiencies throughout the facility, Sunny Delight was able to achieve its sustainability and financial goals while maintaining ongoing operations and optimized productivity.

“Working with Sunny Delight on this project highlights how it is possible to achieve significant financial savings and corporate sustainability goals, while still remaining within a company’s payback criteria,” says Samantha Gumenick, partner at AED.

“We were pleased with these energy savings, and plan to reapply AED’s customized approach at our other facilities,” says Dan Sileo, vice president, manufacturing for Sunny Delight. “AED was very focused and receptive to our feedback and it was a win-win for both companies.”