Dot Foods, Mt. Sterling, Ill., announced plans to take its foodservice redistribution concept abroad via a joint venture company with Mexico-based RJ Alimentos. The new company will be called RD Amerimex.

"When Ricardo Garza-Paez [owner of RJ Alimentos] approached us several years ago about expanding the redistribution concept into Mexico, we quickly realized it was an opportunity we needed to explore," says John Tracy, chief executive officer of Dot Foods. "There are several areas outside of the U.S. where we believe the redistribution concept will work. Mexico is just one of many potential international expansion opportunities for Dot."

Over the past decade, Mexico has become a major player in the travel and tourism industry. With more than 17,000 hotels and 428,000 restaurants nationwide, including numerous American franchise restaurants, there is clear need for the efficiencies of redistribution in the foodservice industry.

"We've spent a lot of time trying to understand the distribution channels and cultural differences of our counterparts in Mexico. We know that for an expansion into Mexico to be successful, we need a local resource. We couldn't be happier about partnering with Ricardo and his family," adds Tracy.

Much like Dot Foods' U.S. customers, RD Amerimex customers can order multiple product lines on one shipment without having to meet manufacturers' minimums. These products will then be redistributed from the Monterrey, Mexico, warehouse to distributors all across Mexico through temperature-controlled trucks. Customers will have access to the majority of Dot Foods' 105,000-product offerings. RD Amerimex will begin servicing customers summer 2014.

"Through our partnership, RD Amerimex has the opportunity to provide foodservice distributors and chain restaurants a solution to complex supply chain issues in Mexico," says Garza-Paez. "Many distributors in Mexico have recognized increased demand for American foodservice products. We can provide a viable solution for distributors looking to get consistent, quality products their customers want and in the quantities they need them."