It used to be that cheese was plain and simple. Mild cheddar was the go-to option, but that’s about to change.

According to, the global cheese market is expected to witness a high growth rate over the next six years due to emerging countries becoming more mainstream markets for cheese. And, those developing markets are beginning to prefer natural cheese for fast food products, restaurant offerings and other foodservice outlets.


“Cheese is widely consumed as an important ingredient in fast food,” the report says. “Presently, cheese is being accepted as an important ingredient in dietary plans. Fast food restaurants and outlets, dining restaurants and households are the key end users of cheese. Increase in fast food restaurants and increasing household food budgets in emerging countries are some of the key factors driving the market in geographies such as Asia Pacific and the rest of the world.”

Big and bold
As the market continues to evolve, it’s becoming a more complex arena, filled with big and bold flavors. Emmi Roth USA, Monroe, Wis., introduced two new bold cheese varieties—Chipotle Havarti, available in a 9-pound loaf format, and 3 Chile Pepper Gouda, which comes in a 6-pound loaf and 10-pound wheel.

Gone are the days of the simple, mild cheese. Today’s offerings are big and bold, bursting with flavor and variety.

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