Avure Technologies, Inc., Franklin, Tenn., unveiled the new QFP 525L-600, what is said to be the largest-volume high-pressure processing (HPP) system available to Avure 525L-600date.

The 525L delivers an unprecedented 8,135 pounds of HPP processing per hour, and typically operates at production rates of between 3,000-4,000 pounds per hour.

The 525L’s improved filling and pressurizing efficiencies achieve 10 cycles per hour with a 3-minute hold time. A 3-inch expansion in vessel diameter accommodates larger-size packages. And, it does not require an equivalent increase in floor space.

The 525’s streamlined installation protocols shorten time to production. For enhanced safety, key machine systems are individually alarmed, while a sole plate with pre-located bolt-down points secure the frame support structure for further stability and reliability. From a maintenance perspective, redesigned component configurations reduce spare parts wear while providing quicker technician access.


Avure Technologies Inc.